Heavy Burdens

So, it’s been quite a bit of time since I last wrote on my blog. I guess a true testament to whether I really am a ‘blogger’ or not. Seriously though, one avid blogger per family seems good to me!

Trying to get back into the habit of writing on my blog is not something that comes easily or naturally. As I made attempt after attempt to force myself to initiate my mandated posts for this last class, I found myself even more reluctant than usual. As per my habit, I finally stopped to analyze what was making it even more difficult than in previous classes.

I kept coming back to an interesting event that took place quite a ways back. While for some this might not seem very significant, or it may be confusing as to why it had such an impact on me, I’ll try and explain.

Part of my job involves interviewing new students and families and ensuring that our school is a good fit on both sides. Initially I was not too excited about this aspect of my job, but have since come to appreciate that first contact with students and parents. Some weeks ago now, one particularly enjoyable family interview was significant in my ‘blogging’ life.

As I was chatting with a prospective student and his mother, we came about in conversation to discussing blogs. The mother shared with me she had read a technology coordinator’s blog from our school. I guessed it was my husband’s and she confirmed that it was. She then paused in conversation and said, “Hey, you have a blog don’t you? I’ve read your blog!” She went on to describe some of my posts in detail to leave no doubt she was indeed talking about my blog.

I’m sure the look on my face went rapidly from astonishment, to embarrassment, to panic and finally culminated in stunned amazement. This was a pivotal moment in my life…

Now let me explain why. First of all, let me say that this woman was absolutely lovely and incredibly positive and complimentary of my writing. She’s actually asked me a couple of times about why I haven’t written more recently (so here you go, Lilian, this one’s for you! More to come soon). So this shouldn’t bring about the extreme reluctance I’m feeling, right?

And it can’t be because someone who I didn’t know had read my blog. I’ve actually had a couple of strangers leave comments; I’m aware that at times my quiet little blog is actually getting out there in the world.

So exactly what is it that was pivotal about this encounter? After much thought, I realized this was my first experience with meeting someone who knew about me because of my blog before I knew them. It was…strange. Not bad, but definitely different. It made me realize that what I put here on this blog is really representing me. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t consider that fact before, but it just didn’t mean as much as it does now. This is going to be, for some, their first impression of who I am. This is huge, major really. Now when I blog, I am feeling a heavier burden than before-which is not necessarily a bad thing. Isn’t this what we’re trying to get our kids to understand? This is what the world is seeing as representative of who we are, we must always remember that. I just had it brought home to me in a powerful, and surprising way!

12 thoughts on “Heavy Burdens”

  1. I’ve had this experience a few times and it is always intimidating. I always want to draw back until I am sure if the people are happy with what I have written or not. On the other hand, last year when we have several families from South Africa move to our small school, one of the families told me that they had read my blog in the past. It was their introduction to our community from half a world away. She said that it was a comfort to be able to read my blog ahead of time so that she had some idea of what she was moving to.

  2. Well Mrs. Galloway to add the pressure on you I will start off by saying my name is Brook McNair, I am a student at University of South Alabama and we are doing a project in my microcomputing class on comments for teachers. We are to follow your for 3 weeks and comment on at least 3 different post!! 🙂 This is crazy I am sure, it almost feels like you are getting signs to use your blog! No real worries though, because if you do not post anything recent I can always comment on your previous post. This first impression of you was great and I love the pictures! You can visit our class blog at http://www.edm310.blogspot.com/ or my personal blog is http://mcnairbrookedm310.blogspot.com I look forward to some new exciting post from you, and what is your husbands link so I can read up on him…. since it seems he is the “blogger” in the family! Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Brook-thanks for the vote, I appreciate it! I’ve got a few more mandatory posts that I have to get done, so there should be some new reading at least! Seriously though, my husband is the one to read. I noticed on your blog you were talking about PLN…he’s got that in spades! thethinkingstick.com Have fun!

  3. Ahhh, you finally posted something new Daneah! Sorry I made you go all blog-bashful — but I love reading your posts and was really excited that day. Yes, it was very comforting for me when I was still in Moscow to have, through your blog, an inkling of what Bangkok schooling life was like. Meeting you in real life was even better, we were totally sold on ISB after we met you…You had us at…well, maybe not Hello but definitely by Goodbye…hahaha.

    See you Monday!

    ps: I too have a little blog of my own which I don’t usually tell folks I meet about…but just for you, I’ve linked it. Now I can be embarrassed too when I see you! xoxo

    pps: Have I told you how much we ALL adore you?

    1. :o) I figured you were keeping tabs! I loved your blog, and reading the latest post I found information I can use living here in BKK too! I giggled scrolling through some of your posts (your infatuation with the ‘dreaded one’ is so cute, we’ve become avid AI watchers in recent years-I have to say I was on the Cook bandwagon so it was my favorite season to date! We were dreaded fans too, though, he was just too sweet not to like!). My favorite post had to be the boys singing HB to you and their dad, that was super sweet. Don’t worry, I’ll never let on to Brian that I saw that-wouldn’t want to ruin that MS image thing :o) Thanks for the nice words, and for sharing your blog…we’ll both be blushing come Monday!

  4. Daneah, This is so absolutely true…knowing that people read and love or discount everything you say is sobering.

    I personally would think you would be compelled to write…if you don’t we, your readers, would miss so much. Keep on writing…please.

    Give Jeff my best.

    Barbara Torris

  5. Hi Daneah, I’ve not been updating my blog either, but for different reasons. Have been much busier in Bangkok than I was in Moscow. And I can’t afford to keep late nights uploading pictures as much as before cos we have to wake up sooooo early these days!

    It’s all worth it though, the boys had a great first day at school today. Thanks so much for being such an amazing ambassador for the school…as I told you, I was skeptical at first and thought the school might just be all a glossy front but everyone we’ve met has been so warm and helpful.

    Please keep writing, you obviously put a lot of thought into each post so do know we readers are learning lots from you. Brian was poring over all your posts yesterday 🙂

  6. This is a great story. Your fans love you! I hope you don’t mind if I share this with B and U. This even kind of fits with my project about managing customer relations with Web 2.0 and Social Media. A great example. I am looking forward to reading more.

  7. Congratulations Daneah! As long as what you write truly does represent you the way you want to be represented, I think it’s wonderful. You are creating a positive digital footprint for yourself the same way we would like students to create theirs. Way to be a real-life role model!

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post. It really puts things into prespective for me. I definitely believe that first impressions are lasting impressions and you should Always put your best foot forward. Continue to strive for excellence!

  9. Hi! My name is Krystin Pavey and I am a student at the University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. As part of an assignment for EDM310 I was assigned to follow your blog. My first comment was on your post Magic Wand. Since nothing had been posted since then I decided to come back on comment on this post; which I now see that you are much like me. I have never been a blogger. I started a blog about a year ago and made one post! Now that I am taking a class in which a blog is required, I guess you could say I’ve gotten better at it! 🙂 The posts you have made are great! Like they say, “quality, not quantity!” If you wish to check out my blog you can find it at paveykrystinedm310.blogspot.com.

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