Drag and drop-gotta love it!

Okay, so here it is. My first solo video project…and by solo I mean without Jeff’s help! He was so proud, even though it really is NOT a great video, because I genuinely did the entire thing on my own (well, Mary did have to help me find the ‘export’ button under share-that’s a stupid place to put it anyway, so not intuitive!).

Before anyone makes fun of my first solo attempt, I need to clarify how this came about. I was told in our face to face class I had to practice making a video, do something to get familiar with the program (iMovie 09). So I was handed a little camera and told to create something in the next hour or so.

I decided to take myself for a walk around the school, avoiding the numbing air con was my primary motivation. I began walking and filming with a grandiose idea of creating a video about a journey. I imagined myself narrating with some brilliant philosophical insights into the twists and turns of life’s path. All the while I was filming I was narrating in my head.

Upon returning with my inspired video shots all revolving around this concept…I then began to understand that I would have to record my voice and post this on the Internet. Sigh. Now not only would I have to have my face and written words out there (due to our blogging requirement for this class) but now I would also have my voice out there for the world to hear as well. Ummm…not ready for that yet. As I wrote about in my first blog post, I do not have the desire to be center stage!

So, I quickly reworked my brilliant concept (so NOT brilliant really) and turned it into something a bit different, something that did not require MY voice. And I will say I was also proud of myself, not because I think the video is any good, but because I did do it on my own! Not that I have any illusions as to what this says for my tech skills-it really is a testimony to how easy iMovie 09 is to use. Drag and drop has got to be a girl’s best friend!


3 thoughts on “Drag and drop-gotta love it!”

  1. I think this is terrific. You did a great job and found a great way around using your voice. I love this poem.

    Congratulations…..I need to learn how to do this…..


  2. Well done Daneah! I’m glad you’re finding ways of making the project assignments comfortable for you.

    Having the visuals to go with the audio of this poem really helps the listener make sense of the text. I can see short videos like this being used effectively in a wide range of classrooms! Great idea!

  3. Great job! Here’s a tip I learnt the hard way when publishing video on a web site . . . use a bitrate calculator. That way, you’ll get the visual quality you want and not make visitors wait for the video to buffer. Hope this helps.

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